What Is Accredited?


And is ABC/HERITAGE actually accredited?

ABC/Heritage Montessori has the desire to teach children 18 months – 12th grade. This means that they need  two major agencies to give them a green light, to be an attractive location for people to enroll their children:  Georgia Accrediting Commission  and  Bright From The Start.  These agencies provide credibility by having a list of standards/requirements that the school must possess to be given the “green light”.  We have proven on this website that several of the administration have been fraudulent about their credentials – which obviously gives pause to the validity of any accreditation or license they have received. 

Georgia Accrediting Commission

The mission of the Georgia Accrediting Commission is twofold: (l) to establish standards promoting instruction of high quality for children in Georgia and (2) to encourage schools to meet the established standards. GAC provides an accreditation process designed to establish and uphold standards, to strengthen the quality of education in each school, and to assure its membership and the general public that the established standards are related to the best educational practices.

The GAC serves as a means of ensuring that its membership meets certain standards for the operation and support of quality school programs in the State of Georgia. Specifically, GAC establishes standards and procedures to carry out the accreditation process. GAC also determines the accreditation status of the educational program of each school and publishes an annual list of schools with accredited programs.  The GAC Executive Director issues certificates for those schools and agencies Provisionally Accredited, Accredited Annually, Accredited, Accredited Fully and Accredited With Quality.

It is important for ABC/Heritage to have this accreditation because it means that a students credits mean something when they transfer/graduate, and they can qualify for HOPE scholarships, etc. 

As of our last check on 06/04/2020, Heritage Montessori, their new school, had already received accreditation prior to even closing on their new property. We have parents who confirm that they have helped ABC shuffle teacher qualifications in the past on paperwork in order to received their accreditation – and there are many concerns in this site that the GAC should LOOK INTO. 

UPDATE:  Emails sent to agency  asking about why this school isn’t required to adhere to the qualifications they set forth. 

Bright From The Start

Bright from the Start is responsible for meeting the child care and early education needs of Georgia’s children and their families. It administers the nationally recognized Georgia’s Pre-K Program, licenses child care centers and home-based child care, administers Georgia’s Childcare and Parent Services (CAPS) program, federal nutrition programs, and manages Quality Rated, Georgia’s community powered child care rating system.

Bright From the Start provides ABC with a license to operate, and visits to inspect the property for safety compliance, records compliance, and takes complaints for child mistreatment. 

Any facility with small children has to have this licensing to operate. 

You can see a list of ABC’s Bright from the Start violations here. 

But they are a Montessori school.....

What About Montessori Accreditation?

There are two main interpretations of the Montessori Philosophy. AMI and AMS.  Both interpretations are well thought out and valid, although they differ strongly on certain points.


AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) – was established by Maria Montessori and her son, Mario in 1929 and has international headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In AMI schools, Montessori philosophy and curriculum are implemented in a way that is consistent with the original approach of Maria Montessori. The Montessori materials are used precisely in the manner used by Dr. Montessori without deviation or extensions; preserving what proponents of this interpretation believe is the purity of the method.

They offer teacher training and school accreditation, and memberships.

ABC Montessori / Heritage Montessori is NOT AMI Accredited School. 

AMI School Search


AMS (American Montessori Society) – In the late 1960 Nancy McCormick Rambusch, an AMI Montessori trained teacher founded the American Montessori Society (AMS).  She firmly believed that aspects of the Montessori method had to be modified to accommodate the culture in America. In AMS schools, teachers continue the methods developed by Dr. Montessori while bringing in outside resources, materials, and ideas to extend or supplement the Montessori curriculum. Examples include the use of technology and current events.

They offer teacher training and school accreditation, and memberships.

ABC Montessori / Heritage Montessori is NOT AMS Accredited School. 

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