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Chase Hardin
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Chase Hardin - Assistant Administrator

Chase Hardin – Assistant Administrator

Chase Hardin has been having troubles legally for a long time. Originally the chef of the campus -he cotntinued to rise in rank annually after multiple qualified staff left and the management of the money continued to falter. He remained the chef in tandem with his new responsibilities.  Once Larry Morey was banned legally from the campus for the abuse charges (Chase held a boy while Larry spanked him you can read more about that here), Kim couldn’t be on campus as much and needed someone she could trust to run the facility. For this, she turned to Chase, after allowing him to teach “Practical Life“ classes and eventually English and Math. Chase would often misspell and mispronounce words; many of the students complained about how little he knows but how short his temper is. Chase does NOT have the required education to be a teacher NOR administrator at ANY school. He has culinary arts degree and that is ALL. 

Chase has a checkered past with drug possession and DUIs! See the PROOF below!!!!

Legal Troubles

Child Support Woes

Yes, Chase has illegitimate children he ignores and must be served papers on to acknowledge. Tsk tsk.