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Fundraising At ABC Montessori...

Where does the money go??? How much is even raised????

How They Con The Community


Create a Fake Cause

They start off by claiming they are building a new “horse pasture” for Mindy or that they are raising money for their “animal husbandry” program (they are not licensed or approved for either)


Find Attendees Who Will Donate

They beg the community for donations and sponsors with the guise of “marketing” for their businesses, and then they find someone in the community to honor that will bring in donations.


Beg The Parents To Sell Tickets and Tables

Parents are sold the same dream as the sponsors, but are REQUIRED to purchase at LEAST $100.00 in tickets to the gala.


Take Money and Run!

THEY NEVER SHARE HOW MUCH MONEY IS MADE. EVER. There are no updates provided to parents nor sponsors.

They Auction Guns At Their Galas!

See More About How they Honored Judge Mcgarity

Have you heard of ``Dog Days of McDonough?``

This was a community event in which an ``winning`` organization was supposed to receive consistent support for a year from ABC. ``Winging Cat Rescue`` won and never received a dime from ABC.