So Why Are We Doing this?

Telling the Truth Is Lonely and Not Easy.

This site has been created to tell the REAL story behind the non-profit school, ABC Montessori – which is serving McDonough, Hampton, and Stockbridge, and Locust Grove located at 483 Walker Drive, in McDonough. They have rebranded as Heritage Montessori.  We are here to share all the details behind this school and the people who run this facility. We have concerns that have been shared to numerous agencies over the years – to no avail. The point of this website is to bring all issues and concerns to the forefront. 

There are a lot of amazing qualities and potential that the school honestly has had. Great teachers and parents have come through the doors ready to give 100% to the school. Most importantly, those people made some wonderful contributions to children’s lives!  

Unfortunately, due to extremely poor administration, most of the admins being related and accepting no accountability, poor organization, mismanagement, and child abuse claims have tarnished any possibility of this school recovering. 

So... if they are so bad...

Then Why Aren't They Closed?

This is something MANY OF US ASK. We believe they have/had connections that continue to allow them to escape accountability. We are hoping to prove that with this website and the content that we share.  Don’t just take OUR WORD FOR IT. Do your own research. Examine the documents and claims we make closely. 

But Wait...

Did ABC File a Defamation Lawsuit?

 Nyree Mereus launched this website in November of 2018. In May of 2019, Nyree Mereus and Tammy Hinkro were named as defendants in a defamation lawsuit by Kimberly Morey and Chase Hardin, and Kristen Hardin. 

We are currently awaiting a trial date. The school admins filed in Fulton county against Nyree (knowing she lived in Henry County), hoping it would scare her in to taking down the website. It didn’t work. When they realized that Nyree would be fighting back, they have been looking for ways to drag out to process and drain her dry of funds. It has been an ongoing, expensive battle. 

They filed for an emergency injunction soon after the lawsuit, asking the courts to direct us to take down the website immediately. Their request was DENIED, as they have yet to prove that the content on this website is defamatory. 

You can follow our court case, as well as see other litigation filed by and against ABC on our Court Filings page.