Court Filings

In an effort to be transparent to the community, we are sharing filings made in relation to this website.

Court Filings Against the Website

Below is the VERY FIRST COMMUNICATION between ABC Montessori’s attorney and Nyree Mereus. They filed before ever asking me to take any content down, in a county the KNEW I did not live in.

Court Filings In Other Situations

Transport International Pool Inc/ GE Modular Space vs. Ace Preschool of McDonough (2006)

Dolphin Industries vs ACE Preschool/ Kimberly Morey, Larry Morey, Chase Hardin (2008)

MGM Heating & Air Conditioning vs. Kimberly Morey/ Academy for The Brilliant Child (2008)

ProSteel Builders vs ACE Preschool of McDonough (2009)

Order to Cease and Desists from Securities Commissioner of South Carolina against Larry Morey (2010)

Kimberly Morey /Ace Preschool vs. UTICA Mutual Insurance Company (2011)

World Debt Acquisitions LLC vs Kimberly Morey/ACE Preschool of McDonough (2015)

Larry Morey vs. Brian Preston and Henry County Board of Elections Emergency Injunction (2016)

Larry Morey and Chase Hardin vs. Henry County School Board and Chair Pam Nutt (2016)

Larry Morey Voluntary Dismisses case against Brian Preston (2017)

Larry Morey and Chase Hardin Voluntarily Dismiss case against Henry County Schools (2017)

Dismissal of ProSteel vs. Ace Preschool of Mcdonough (2019)

Ace Education files Bankruptcy (2019)