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  -  Animals

The animals have been a problem at ABC Montessori for years. In addition to not being cared for properly under the guise of a “animal husbandry” program, many of the animals were allowed to roam free across the property, and often times the goats and horse were confined to the playground when the children were out of school. This present unique issues when the children came back to school after a long weekend or especially a rainy one. Animal feces littered the fields – and once a nasty virus broke out on campus after sick baby goats with diarrhea was allowed to wonder around the playground and defecate. The administration always claim that the goats and horse eat the grass in the playground and keep things cleaned, but these animals do not receive regular healthcare. The older children are often sent out with shovels on Monday mornings to pick up poop, especially if parents or teachers have complained. This is part of their “animal husbandry” program.

Parents have called and reported them to Bright From the Start, with large concern about the feces on the playground. It is part of the rules that if they are to have animals, they must have their own enclosed space.

Countless animals have died on the property, being it from lack of healthcare or being shot by the owner, Larry Morey.  Because some of the animals were not contained at all, often times the chickens and goats would roam the surrounding neighborhood. There was an incident before 2013 in which a neighborhood dog attacked and killed a chicken…and Larry Morey found that dog and shot it.