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  -  Abuse

Aligations Are Everywhere

ABC has been accused of abusing children for years. What proof we could collect, we have compiled her for your review.

Abuse of a 4 Year Old Autistic Child

The Case of Gentry

Below are photos of Gentry after he was struck with a belt by Larry Morey and held down by Chase Hardin in a bathroom.

This Child Was Burned....

These are actual pictures that have been submitted to the court. This child is younger than my own. What you are looking at are her fingertips after coming home from Montessori. All of her fingertips are burned. When asked what happened to her, her reply was ``______ said I couldn't tell or else I'll get in trouble``

And It Keeps Adding Up...

After the Gentry case broke, other children came forward to claim they had also been abused by ABC Montessori