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Do NOT Trust ABC Montessori in Henry County

Can The Montessori Education method grow in Henry County?

Recently in the Marietta Daily Journal, an article was done on ABC Montessori in McDonough, GA. Can the Montessori education method grow in Henry County? Sure it could. However, the right people with the right motives, along with being truly compassionate about the children and no harm to them. Combinations like that could be successful. Administrations like the one at ABC Montessori in McDonough, GA. are not ones to trust with your children. Wolves in sheep clothing is the best way to describe the setting at ABC.

Kimberly Morey posted this below on her facebook page. Don’t let Kimberly Morey and her smooth talk suck anyone else in their web of lies. The bottom line is that they have remained open by defrauding the government (not paying their taxes), mishandling and misuse of school tuition, charitable funds and donations from the community to exploit self gain. Preying on the weak, underprivileged and struggling parents, especially single and recently divorced mothers. Another huge key factor in why ABC is still open was having a business and personal relationship within the judicial system. Which is completely unethical! But who has ethics when referring to the Morey’s, Chase and Kristen Hardin! Without that dishonorable, unethical and corrupt Judge, ABC would have been dissolved many years ago! At that point a lot of innocent children would not have had to endure the physical, verbal and sexual abuse that has changed their lives forever! ABC monopolized on the misfortune of others while portraying themselves fraudulently as the angel sent from above coming to everyone’s rescue. When in fact they are WOLVES IN SHEEP CLOTHING! Don’t be fooled!

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