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Do NOT Trust ABC Montessori in Henry County

Facts You Need To Know

Chase Hardin certainly continues to tally up his legal troubles for himself but more importantly for ABC Montessori. While NEGLIGENTLY operating a 1998 GMC Suburban (registered to ACE Preschool of McDonough d.b.a. ABC Montessori), Mr. Chase struck a 2008 Ford Crown Victoria POLICE interceptor driven by a Henry County Sheriff Deputy. This accident completely and permanently disabled this deputy’s life. Mr. Chase’s negligence has DESTROYED that Deputy’s life! We have compiled the court documents, pictures and details of the mass destruction that Chase Hardin caused this innocent deputy due to his NEGLIGENCE. As you read you will find that not only did Chase Hardin fall asleep behind the wheel causing this horrible accident but Mr. Chase also was caught blatantly lying under oath and changing his story. Dishonesty, deceit, incompetency are a few of the things Mr. Chase has covered.

After you review the documents, ask yourself these questions, “Is this someone that I want to entrust to take care of my children on a everyday basis? Is this someone I would allow my children to ride in a vehicle driven by him?”

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