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ABC Montessori  aka Heritage Montessori Needs to Be SHUT DOWN!!!!!!

Its time to share the information on ABC Montessori School aka Heritage Montessori School, as they have been escaping accountability for years! Instead we should address ALL the things that keep getting swept under the rug!!!

Its Time

Telling the Truth Isn't Always Easy

This site has been created to tell the REAL story behind the non-profit school, ABC Montessori - which is serving McDonough, Hampton, and Stockbridge, and Locust Grove located at 483 Walker Drive, in McDonough. They have also recently opened a new school called Heritage Montessori, located at 1242 Elliott Road McDonough, 30252.  We are here to share all the details behind these buildings and the people who run this HOUSE turned SCHOOL.

Absolutely Not.

Is It ALL Bad?

There are a lot of amazing qualities and potential that the school honestly has. Great teachers and parents have come through the doors ready to give 100% to the school. Most importantly, those people made some wonderful contributions to children's lives! Kim and Larry Morey, the owners, aren't horrible people. There are some admirable communal desires deep within them, and they had a vision that probably was rooted in some great intentions. Many families received free or reduced tuition in hard times and often accepted trade from some families to keep their children in school.

Whats the Point? Protecting your children and you from ABC Montessori School.

Imagine that you are looking for a school for your treasured little one. You run across ABC Montessori –  It may be due to issues in another school or as a result of your child being bored. In reality, you are looking for a more suitable education for your child in Henry County. You could be enrolling in school for the first time and heard Montessori was great!

You certainly should stay AWAY from ABC Montessori. Although they look excellent from the street, there are a plethora of issues! This site is compiled of PUBLIC information and documentation that has been obtained through various PUBLIC SOURCES and just put in one place that is easy to find. There is nothing made up – this information comes from previous employees, parents, students, and even previous neighbors of the school!!

Private reports have been made for years against this school and no one will listen!